All Lives Matter

All lives matter charity for kids.

Kids are the future.

  • Making a difference

Charity for Kids was established in 2010 to provide help for disabled, sick and terminally ill children to study and be successful in their lives and support their families across the world. We are helping children and their families with specialised equipment that is either not available via the health services or comes as very expensive which is not always possible for them.

  • Apply for help

If you would like to apply for help from Charity for Kids please click here www.alllivesmatter.ff Send it in to us. Alternatively you can email our team @ who run our applications. All applications for help will need this form to be completed.

  • Get Involved

We raise money by doing lots of regular event and by receiving donations. If you would like to put yourself through one of our regular challenges to help raise money – or have your own ideas – you would be most welcome to join us. Please get in touch with us @

  • Donate for alllivesmatter.ff

Charity For Kids is run entirely by volunteers, so if you would like to contribute and feel you could make a difference please get in touch with us @ we would love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for supporting alllivesmatter.ff