Breonna Taylor was an award winning Emt and model citizen. She loved her family and community working at two hospitals as essential worker during the pandemic.

Nearly four months ago a division of Louisville Police Department performed an illegal, unannounced drug raid at her home. Not even a single officer announced themselves before ramming into her door and firing 22 shots which shooting Breonna Taylor 8 times and killing her.

Not only that were the police at the WRONG HOUSE, but the man that they were looking for had been already arrested earlier that day.

Charges must be filed immediately. The officers involved, specifically John Mattingly, Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove, Joshua Jaynes, and any other law enforcement officer involved in the death and coverup of the death of Breonna Taylor must be fired and punished, charged, and arrested as early as possible. There have been no charges thus far it has been nearly 4 months now and their pensions must be revoked.
Her family must be paid for the damages of her wrongful death and the negligence of the LMPD.
Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear must definitely speak up on behalf of Breonna Taylor and the Governor Beshear or Attorney General Daniel Cameron definitely must appoint a special prosecutor for the investigate the Louisville Police Department immediately. An in house investigation is unacceptable.
The no-knock warrant that police had used in Breonna Taylor’s murder completely violates the constitutional rights to reasonable search and seizure. By the law police must be legally obligated to announce themselves before breaking and entering into a home privately owned by American civilians. Legislation to federally ban no-knock warrants must be passed in Congress and signed by the President, what happened to Breonna Taylor was a complete violation of her constitutional rights and threaten the rights of all American citizens. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has voiced similar concerns. A special session must be intervened by Congress to discuss the constitutionality of no knock warrants immediately.
This has been carried on for over four months. For weeks, and the city treated Breonna Taylor like she was a criminal calling her a suspect before finally admitting that she was an innocent crimeless victim. She didn’t had any drugs. She never committed any crime.

But she is dead and the perpetrators are facing no charges or not been arrested.

She was not only an exemplary citizen but she was an essential one. She was a daughter, a friend, an American hero, and most importantly, a person who she deserved to be treated as such.

Let’s get justice for Breonna Taylor. By Saying her name. Everywhere possible.

PLEASE help me get to the word out, and share this campaign on your social media platforms. And thanking you and everyone who is helping in our fight to get justice for Breonna Taylor.


Make yourself available for more actions should. Breonna’s family and local organizers need your support. Share your name, email, and a message of love to Breonna’s family.